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SpinaCare guarantees your company’s long-term success by developing high quality massage boards, which keep the motivation and energy of your employees high. Those employees are the guarantors in difficult times to stay on track and to secure jobs.

Our expertise in terms of health impairments at work enables us to design sophisticated and innovative products by using modern technology and high quality materials. Essential elements are long-term partnerships with manufacturers. Since the customer benefit is of great importance to us, we are constantly learning something new in order to be more professional and flexible and develop strong partnerships.

Achievements such as the RIZ GENIUS AWARD 2016 prove us right. Number 1 at the public voting and number 2 in the category “genius start-ups” motivate us to push forward. (see pictures)

„I have been helping people with back pains for years, mostly in the evenings and they kept asking me, why there weren’t any possibilities to enjoy a relaxing massage during work.“

Christoph Gurtner
Physical therapist and founder of SpinaCare


Why aren’t there any massages available during the day?

Office jobs intensify one-sided movements and strains of the musculature. Despite the ergonomically adjustable working places many suffer from back tensions and back pain due to one-sided strain. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system rank among the main reasons for long-term sick leaves.

The Idea
Die Massage für zwischendurch

Short breaks such as coffee breaks are ideal to relieve incipient tension. With a  7-minute massage in the morning and in the afternoon you gain 70 minutes of relaxation time per working week.

The individual massage experience

The massage board is used while standing – as compensation for the permanent seated position. Two massage units (for the upper and lower back respectively) adapt to your spine. Since there are people with different body heights, the massage board is height-adjustable. An algorithm calculates the paths of each massage unit.

relaxed people. great results.

Incipient back tension is relieved, so that the muscle tone is back to normal at the end of the day. But we should not forget the emotional component. Use the massage board to relax, to recharge your batteries or to muse in order for you to continue your working day.



sick leave due to the musculoskeletal system


sick days on average


Massage units for …


…minutes relaxation per break give you...


… minutes relaxation time per week.


less sick days?



Christoph Gurtner

Founder & CEO
Year 1974

Physical therapist for 20 years in Hollabrunn and Laa/Thaya. Medical head at a football academy until 2003. He attended numerous education courses and further training such as Manual Therapy, Fasciae Therapy (FDM Fasciae distortion model and fasciae manipulation) Kinesiology taping, sport physical therapy. His motto: One should possess ambition without being possessed by it.
Christoph has been asking himself for a long time, why there is no possibility for working people to enjoy a back massage. In 2014 the idea of the massage board was born and he asked Christian how to realize such a project


+43 (0)664 547 25 75


Founder & CEO
Year 1971

Started as a qualified archeologist and became a long-term project manager (IPMA Level C) in commerce.

He has been a trainer and consultant for project and program management courses in various sectors as well as lecturer at universities and technical colleges since 2012.
His motto: Each change is continuing education

Christian and Christoph have been friends since their adolescence and therefore Christian helped him immediately to realize his project idea and his excitement was so big that he simply wanted to be part of this project,…


+43 (0)664 610 48 52


Founder & Authorized Officer
Year 1954

… long-time production, supply chain and logistics expert. Logistics Manager in various companies and sectors.  He has been an independent consultant since 2004 with focus on purchase, production and logistics. His motto: Only those who swim against the tide will finally reach the spring.

Christian and Fritz share a common history at a company in St. Pölten. After he had given both CEOs helpful tips in terms of production in autumn 2015 they made him an offer he could not refuse…


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  • Christoph is someone who does not do anything without analyzing it.

    Markus Suttner (National Football player)
  • One back massage during the coffee break – virtually a back espresso.

  • This is such an “of course” idea. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before

    Laudator at RIZ AWARD
  • Wow, I’ll hang this up at home right away.

    common response



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